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Michael's House Community Day Center provides meals to guests


At Michaelís House, we identify destitute elderly who have no families or means of support and we are committed to providing them respite from their pain, fear, and hunger in the time that remains in their lives.

We edeavor to be good stewards of the contributions of you, our donors. More than 96% of our contributions go to our projects. Michal's House in justice does not discriminae on any basis including: race, ethnicity, religion, politics or sexual orientation.

Founder Michael Craig went to Ethiopia with the intent to help poor children. What he discovered was an abandoned, suffering population that no one seemed to notice.

Michael's House is Changing lives – right now

Michael’s House Inc. is a non-profit grassroots organization that serves the elderly poor in the developing world who have become invisible, who receive no funds from government organizations or other large aid foundations. It is through gifts that they now have a face and dignity in their daily lives. We bring aid to the lives that others have deemed hopeless.

WE ARE THERE! Sometimes it's building a safe house for tortured and ostracized women accused of witchcraft or providing shelter for widows who are thrown out of their houses when their spouses die and their brothers in law automatically inherit all his property. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! From time to time it's paying $50 to cover the cost of a funeral. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! Providing essential surgeries such as fistula or cataract repair in Uganda and Ethiopia. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! Reliably providing essential medicines and transportation for chemotherapy for aged indigent people in very remote mountainous areas of Honduras. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! Building communal toilets for the aged. Launching a comprehensive day care compound and clinic along with n overnight shelter in Addis Ababa. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! Funding "Grannies" and Grandads" so that they can raise their inherited orphan children due to the HIV/Aids catastrophe in Tanzania. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! Launching farms to provide fresh vegetables for the aged in Uganda. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! Paying small reliable but essential monthly pensions to aged men and women in several countries that lack social structures to sustain old people who otherwise would have to rely on begging. WE RESPOND!

WE ARE THERE! Providing a mobile blood analysis machine in rural Togo. WE RESPOND!



There are millions of elderly poor throughout the world who are trapped in the political global debates about poverty. These individual men and women are suffering horribly. These are the people who cannot wait for Governments and institutions to initiate fundamental changes in their lives. They don't have the time left in their meager lives to wait for local or international institutions to reach a consensus on how or if they should get their “daily bread”. They are old, desperately in need, and praying for the response of brave and prophetic individuals like you. This is our target population.



Michael's House Guests arriving for a mealSince its inception, the focus and philosophy of Michael’s House Inc., remains the same.  “Empowering Each Other To Help the Elderly Poor In The Third World”.

AT MICHAEL'S HOUSE, we are passionate about our mission to promote the well-being of the destitute and isolated elderly people in developing countries. These destitute elderly have fallen through the cracks and receive absolutely no financial assistance from existing international aid organizations. We fervently believe that it is only through a collaborative effort of working together as a caring community that we can use our resources, our compassion, and our presence to the greatest outcome. It's empowerment at its best.

"MICHAEL'S HOUSE BEGAN with ordinary people, good friends of good friends and now, hopefully, you and your friends - tied together only by the shared idea that we could succeed where governments and large organizations have not. We began with the absolute conviction that we could bring hope, dignity, and self-reliance to these poor people who are invisible, silent and without voice in the sunset of their long, hardworking lives". - The Trustees, Volunteers and Benefactors of Michaelís House.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that nobody can sincerely try to help another without also helping himself or herself. ”  
-  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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