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Tanzania – Cry for Help is Answered

Hut provided by Michael's House, Inc for lifelong care to an elderly guestSeptember 2010 -  Recently, Michael’s House had an urgent request from a family in Tanzania, who was willing to provide lifetime care for one of our elderly guests, if we could assist with a shelter.
Through the selfless giving of three private donors, we were able to erect a hut adjacent to theirs to accommodate the elderly gentleman.
The generosity of the family and private donors is truly appreciated and another example of what we can do together.


Tery LaRose with his wife and an older woman helped by Baan Suksek

Michael's House in Thailand and Rwanda

Michael's House embarked on two new projects; The Baan Suksek project in rural Thailand and a sewing cooperative in Rwanda.

BAAN SUKSEK serving rural Thailand
June 2010 - Tery LaRose wrote to us saying, My wife, who was raised by her grand parents, lived in utter poverty. She watched as they aged and had no one to care for them. She has always remembered just how unhappy and destitute their final years were. Her dream is to make a very simple home for people who now find themselves in similar destitution."

» Learn more about this project, watch videos and see photos at the Baan Suksek website. 

» Donate to the Baan Suksek Project.


Empowering War Widows in Rwanda - Michael's House, Inc provides Sewing Machines to Rwandan War Widows to help them earn a living.

Michael’s House is helping to set up sewing cooperatives to enable survivors of the Rwandan genocide  to earn a living.

May 2010 - From April through June 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the space of 100 days. A disproportionate number of the survivors are poor widows. Many of them are barely surviving. The 10 million population of Rwanda, whose capital city is Kigali, has a life expectancy of 50 years old for women and 48 for men.

Grace Umutesi is a Michael’s House Board Member who is widowed as a result of the genocide that took place in Rwanda. Though she and her six children made it to the United States, Grace is haunted by the memory of the less fortunate left behind.

At Grace's request, Michael's House has launched an entrepreneurship program that will provide assistance to a group of these widows to help them in setting up their own enterprise. The idea is that we will set up cooperatives of groups of widows (probably six to a group) to whom we will donate sewing machines. This is a very effective and proven way of enabling these women to earn a living. Your donation to this Rwandan Sewing Project is indeed a gift that will keep on giving.


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