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Michael's House Community Center and Ann's Shelter

Michael's House, Inc. Community Day CenterMichael's House Community Day Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is a place where our guests can feel safe, enjoy a wholesome meal, use facilities for hygiene, wash clothes, and create handcrafts to sell, get basic medical care and experience a sense of community.

We offer a wide range of essential services to the poorest of the poor elderly.  Their needs are very immediate indeed. Among other things we provide;

  • Daily meals Monday to Friday at Michael’s House which is our main house in Addis Ababa. We provide them personal hygiene education, routine health monitoring and urgent care. There are two bathrooms available at the center including showers and places to do laundry.
  • Gifts of a weaving loom and sewing machines are now in our Handcrafts Work room for a group of older women who have the capacity to do some cotton work,  Guests are developing a stock of
    wonderful handicrafts that can soon be brought to market and sold for the benefit of everyone at Michael’s House
  • We provide money for some every month to buy food and essentials.

rGuests at Ann's Shelter model the pajamas made at Michael's House. Elderly line up for medical attention at Rachael's Clinic.

Ann's Shelter Is an overnight facility for the most infirm who have no family to help; the elderly have a clean place to lay their heads and a warm breakfast in the morning. 

Located near Michael’s House, Ann's Shelter. has a residential care program for about 35-40 older ostracized elderly. We brought them from sleeping on the street where there is no safety to comfortable beds, mattresses, blankets towels, pajamas and daily breakfast.

"Rachel's Clinic" The medical clinic at the Michael's House main compound in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has been dedicated to the memory of Rachel Craig who was killed in Indonesia on May 31, 2009.

The newly named Rachel's Clininc" provides hundreds of destitute aged homeless people with healthcare. It also provides care for the residents of Ann's Shelter. Currently we have a staff nurse available five days a week and a doctor once a week for all our elderly guests.

Eleven workers (volunteers) are present every day to conduct all the services at Michael’s House Community Center and at Ann’s Shelter for the Aged.

141K (One for one in Kindness) Pensions:

For as little as $10 a month or $120 a year you can support an elderly person.  It is difficult for many of us to imagine the degree of poverty experienced by the indigent elderly in Africa, or the gratitude and hope that a modest contribution can provide. With your monthly or annual contribution $120.00 ($10.00 per month) can save the life of an elderly person in the rural parts of Africa.

Donate through Network For GoodOne-time or Recurring Donations can be made through Network for Good. 

• YOUR GIFT not only provides pensioners with one meal a day, but gives them a sense of self-worth knowing they are loved and respected
• YOUR GIFT truly saves the life of an elderly person who has long ago given up all hope.
• YOUR ENTIRE DONATION goes directly to the recipient and is tax deductible.


Michael’s House collaborates with the Medical Missionaries to insure the most needy are able to receive the necessary Cataract surgery that can restore sight and Fistula Surgery to restore a woman’s health and dignity. 

  • Read "The $30 Miracle" to see how little it takes to make a great impact! Each month, we pay for cataract operations for four (4) aged blind people. With your continued help, we intend to be able to restore sight to ten (10) aged people a month. Please help us reach our goal.

  • Each month we provide the finances for surgery to save women who are ostracized due to fistula. For $90 US you can restore dignity to a woman.

    Some experts suggest that in parts of Africa, as many as 3-4 women develop these fistulas out of every 1,000 births. Others estimate that as many as 2 million women worldwide are living with unrepaired obstetric fistulas. If left unrepaired, obstetric fistulas cause women to constantly leak urine and feces. As a result, they become social outcasts, causing them extreme hardship and psychological trauma."

    Michael's House is extremely thankful to Dr. Maura Lynch as special partner who performs fistula surgeries in Uganda.

"The Grannies Project"

EACH MONTH, Michael's House is honored to be able to make a financial contribution to the Medical Missionaries Doctors in Tanzania who specifically target the grandmothers in the surrounding areas. The grandmothers have experienced multiple sufferings as a result of the HIV and AIDS pandemic, grief, isolation, trauma, and the burden of caring for many grandchildren who are now orphans. These are needy women who are ineligible for any other aid and we affectionately refer to this as our "Grannies Project."


A beneficiary of the Michael's House Grannies Fund"...I am pleased to inform you that all the twenty Grannies whose photographs were sent to you, are doing well. They all come to our Hospital through the Social workers’ office. They have sight, hearing and hypertension problems and Dr. Maura caters for the full cost of medication. I am also happy to inform you that, three of these Grannies are permanently cured of VVF by Fistula Repairs, which was done in Kitovu Hospital! They are happy and enjoying life to the full! The sponsored grannies really depend a lot on you for their livelihood!

Thanks. May God bless you.
Mutyaba George William, Senior Social Worker, Kitovu Hospital "
(excerpt from the Michael's House Newsletter, November 2009)


Michael's House now has three (3) farms; The Rice-Ryan Farm, The Grace Farm and Audrey's Farm where the elderly raise animals and plant crops to provide food for themselves and others in their elderly community.

The Founder of Michael's House helps on one of it's FarmsTithe produce from the farms is being distributed to the elderly in their homes. This includes beans, sweet potatoes, cassava and some mattock (banana). Recently, volunteers have started delivering eggs to provide more protein.

Upcoming plans include additional clearing for planting new crops, more fencing for grazing our animals, and construction of houses for the elderly who are homeless.

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The Vehicle Fund

Showing off the new tires on Michael's House 35 year old Jeep Michael's House in Ethiopia relies on an old vehicle that breaks down on a regular basis. We have been able to have it repaired on numerous occasions and supplied it with new tires, but it limps along and will need to be replaced in the very near future. Michael's House utilizes this vehicle to bring sustenance to those who are unable to travel into the city or to transport the infirmed to a medical facility or to spend time at Michael's House or Ann's Shelter..

It is our hope to purchase two (2) newer vehicles that are more accessible for the elderly and can be counted on to keep our mission on the road. 

Nevin's  Bus enables needed transportation for Michael's House in Ethiopia

VEHICLE FUND UPDATE:  After a long struggle with a 35 year old Jeep as it's sole means of transportation, "Nevin's Bus" to is added to the "fleet". 
Thanks to a generous donor, Michael's House in tribute to his late father.
  Read more about the New Van for Ethiopia in our News Letter.


Michael's House raises funds for eye glasses and walking canes for the aged poor

Agape Fund

A Special Fundraiser In January 2007 provided eye examinations and glasses for twenty people and bought a supply of walking canes for the blind.




Michael's House appreciates your support and participation.

Please Spread The Word

You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi


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